This is mulberry tea of “Fudo Health Series (Fudo Health = unchanged health, meaning forever healthy)”, which is a joint project product of TOA G-NET Inc and Taiwan IDEAS FARM.

Fudo Health Series’ mulberry tea is a healthy drink as well as healthy food made by powdering whole leaves of 100% pure Japanese mulberry leaf only.


Diabetes prevention / hypertension prevention (1-Deoxynojirimycin (DNJ)) inhibits sugar absorption and suppresses postprandial blood glucose elevation. DNJ also has a blood pressure suppressing effect.

Improvement of cholesterol level and prevention of arteriosclerosis. The antioxidant action of flavonoids contained in mulberry leaves helps improve cholesterol levels, improve liver function, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Regular intestine move and diet support Abundant dietary fiber regulates the intestinal environment. It also distracts you from the feeling of hunger when you are on a diet. It is non-caffeine and has no habit, so it is OK for infants to the elderly.

Symptoms such as  high BMI value, staggering due to high blood pressure, high riglyceride level, high blood sugar level and  difficulty in intestinal condition, the contents of nutrition and ingredients of mulberry leaf  have the hopful effect of improving.  Viruses and pathogens gradually attack the weakened parts of middle-aged and elderly people who are in the prime of their work and people with underlying diseases.

 This mulberry tea is not brew tea nor extract, so you can ingest whole the leaves themselves.   So the safety is guaranteed because you actually eat all of them. The quality is confidently recommended to all health-conscious people with excellent healthy condition. About the active ingredients and effects of mulberry It seems that you can expect such an effect by continuing.